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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (6/26/19)

  • VIDEO: “Spider-Man” Tom Holland saved a woman who was having a panic attack because a crowd of people trying to get autographs were crushing her…and you have to hear his story about accidentally GHOSTING Robert Downey Jr.

  • Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is HOSTING the MTV Video Music Awards & is being very honest about knowing nothing about music…he thinks Cardi B is a supplement!

  • Camila Cabello just BROKE UP with her boyfriend of 18 months & rumors are swirling that it’s all because of Shawn Mendes! How can you deny this chemistry??? Watch their SENORITA VIDEO HERE
  • Alex Rodriguez sat next to Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala dinner & dished, “Kylie was talking about Instagram and her lipstick, and HOW RICH SHE IS.
  • Fans are freaking out that a “Breaking Bad” MOVIE is coming thanks to one CRYPTIC PHOTO that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul posted
  • VIDEO: Lady Gaga says “a lot of sh*t hasn’t changed” since becoming super famous…and she wants to spread the message that it’s so important to ask people, “what’s your pronoun?”
  • PICS: Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas are taking a double bath together in France and it looks soooo relaxing
  • PICS: Huge congrats to Amanda Bynes who just graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
  • Head of Instagram says it’s just “DUMB LUCK” you are seeing ads for things you’ve talked about & swears they aren’t spying on you
  • VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover as a cheesy used car salesman all to promote electric cars!
  • Serena Williams finally got her Wheaties box!

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