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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (7/11/19)

  • PICS: Jason Momoa just got body shamed for losing his abs proving that anyone could be a victim

  • Taylor Swift tops Forbes HIGHEST PAID CELEBRITY list bringing home $185 million last year…Kylie Jenner came in 2nd with $170 million and Kanye West 3rd with $150 million
  • VIDEO: Hockey star takes front tooth out during ESPYS speech!
  • Spotify has released the top songs for GETTING IT ON & you can download the playlists for your next night in
  • PICS: Mom pulls out yearbook to prove to her kid that she actually did go to HS with Keanu Reeves!
  • “Friends” cost streaming service HBO Max $85 million a year for 5 years for a grand total of $425 MILLION!
  • OMG we can’t stop laughing! Derek Hough shared this FAIL of Julianne Hough attempting a diving board

  • Kim Kardashian & Kanye West require their 4 kids to go shoeless & all guests to wear cloth booties to prevent scratches on their floors…which they fly a TEAM FROM EUROPE in to repair if there are marks
  • Liam Payne went FULLY NUDE for some new photos
  • Whoopi Goldberg lucky to be alive after near FATAL HEALTH SCARE
  • OOPS! Megan Rapinoe suffered a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION at last night’s ESPYS
  • VIDEO: Did Taylor Swift just shade TF out of Scooter Braun???
  • PICS: Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling adopted a gorgeous dog!
  • Melanie Griffith is still looking like this at 62 years old!

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