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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/16/19)

  • Simon Cowell’s face is freaking everyone out! And everyone is trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED??? This can’t just be a 20 lb weightloss from a VEGAN DIET

  • LISTEN: Taylor Swift drops the title track of her new album “Lover” released August 23rd…and here’s all the references to JOE ALWYN

  • LISTEN: Miley Cyrus rushed out a song all about her breakup with Liam Hemsworth..was it just to blame him???? “I want my house in the Hills/Don’t want the whiskey and pills/I don’t give up easily/But I don’t think I’m down”
  • PICS: Britney Spears post about her $6,000 Louboutin snake skin heels definitely backfires
  • VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson gave a tour of the set for her new talkshow “The Kelly Clarkson Show”…will you be watching?
  • Want $1,000? All you have to do is binge watch 25 HOURS OF “FRIENDS”
  • OOOOH Justin Timberlake and Lizzo might be making MUSIC TOGETHER
  • Backstreet Boys Nick Carter and Howie Dorough help a couple GET ENGAGED!
  • VIDEO: Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix comedy special trailer is voiced by Morgan Freeman
  • Joe Jonas’ 30th birthday wasn’t as crazy as you’d think…











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