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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/23/29)

  • Taylor Swift’s album “Lover” is out & you HEAR IT ALL HERE….and she released a new video for the song “Lover”….do you lover it?

  • Miley Cyrus goes on EPIC TWITTER RANT to let people know that cheating didn’t cause her divorce
  • AHHHH Missy Elliott released a new EP last night LISTEN HERE
  • VIDEO: Taylor Swift accidentally reveals she’s opening the MTV VMAs and discusses re-recording her first 5 albums
  • Katy Perry & her band perform “Small Talk” in a bathroom for a round of POTTY JAMS! 

  • VIDEO: Shawn Mendes addresses racially insensitive tweets from years ago…blames it on his “friends” and then apologizes…fans are NOT HAPPY
  • Kevin Bacon could be the next FREDDY KRUEGER!
  • VIDEO: Orlando Bloom says he doesn’t want to be “divorced again” ahead of his wedding to Katy Perry…which is hopefully what anyone would say right before they plan to get married
  • Mr. T is SUING a weed company
  • PICS: Kristen Bell’s daughter had her first ER visit for an accident
  • Billboard did an ORAL HISTORY of the the infamous 2009 MTV VMA Taylor Swift/Kanye West moment
  • PICS: Prince William & Kate Middleton fly budget airline with their kids on private trip

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