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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (12/5/19)

  • Justin Timberlake issues PUBLIC APOLOGY for “strong lapse of judgement” after been photographed holding hands with co-star

  • OMG Instagram took down THAT PIC Of Jason Derulo because of his enormous package!

  • PICS: Congrats Emma Stone & Dave McCary are engaged & they announced it in adorable Insta post!
  • Willie Nelson QUIT SMOKING WEED…but everyone relax, he hasn’t quit weed
  • Billie Eilish had NO IDEA she was writing dark music
  • Will Smith thought it would be funny to live video his colonoscopy but it turned VERY SERIOUS when they found a precancerous polyp
  • Jay Z celebrated his 50th BIRTHDAY by putting his entire music catalog on Spotify
  • PICS: Jason Momoa apologized for calling Chris Pratt out for drinking out of a single use plastic bottle
  • Ana Faris got CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING from a rental house in Lake Tahoe
  • Peloton DEFENDS it’s controversial holiday commercial
  • Robert Pattinson argues that Batman is NOT A SUPERHERO


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