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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (1/22/20)

  • Harry Styles works at Starbucks! Ok, his doppleganger does & now the internet is OBSESSED!

  • VIDEO: Ozzy Osbourne gives an emotional interview where he says he has been battling Parkinson’s disease
  • Did you see THOSE PICS of Meghan Markle walking her dogs with baby Archie in the carrier???? Well, Harry & Meghan are threatening to SUE OVER THEM!
  • And here come the Super Bowl commercials….Lil Nas X & Sam Elliot are the stars for Doritos!

  • Jessica Simpson opens up in NEW MEMOIR about childhood sexual abuse & says later, ‘I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills’
  • Rihanna has been SPENDING TIME with Drake AND A$AP Rocky
  • Ashley Graham announced the BIRTH OF HER BABY
  • Surprise…Pamela Anderson is MARRIED AGAIN 
  • VIDEO: The Jonas Brothers go day drinking with Seth Meyers
  • VIDEO: DANG Those Bachelor producers are good!!! “Bachelor” contestant Victoria Fuller treated to a private concert with country music star Chase Rice….she then has to admit that he is her EX BOYFRIEND!  And Chase Rice is NOT HAPPY he was used as a pawn!
  • VIDEO: Kim Kardashian says her daughter North’s name really did come from a Jay Leno joke
  • Robert Downey Jr. is talking about his BLACK FACE on “Tropic Thunder”, “90% of my black friends were like, ‘Dude, that was great.’ I can’t disagree with [the other 10%], but I know where my heart was.”

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