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Is This Bill Gates’ New $644 million Yacht?

Bill Gates might have a lot of change rattling around in his pockets… but he still isn’t ready to shell out nearly $650 MILLION for a new water toy. Meet the Sinot Aqua yacht, which the owners recently told the BBC that the yacht “not been sold to Mr Gates and that it had “no business relationship” with Bill Gates.”

Suuuuuuuuure, Bill. C’mon now. Don’t be shy. [Mashable]

The Telegraph reported on Sunday that Bill Gates is buying the Sinot Aqua, a hydrogen-powered superyacht with an estimated price tag of $644 million. However, the yacht’s maker Sinot later told the BBC this is not the case. A spokeswoman for the firm said the Aqua yacht is “not linked” to Mr. Gates or any of his representatives.

Of course, there's a helipad on board.

The 112-meter long yacht has five decks which host 14 guests and a 31-person crew. It comes with a number of ultra-fancy amenities, including an infinity pool, a deck lounge that turns into a home (boat?) cinema, a spa, gym, beauty salon, helipad, and a private observatory deck at the yacht’s bow with a near-unlimited view of the ocean.

Looks pretty cozy.

The yacht’s two 1MW motors, fueled by two massive hydrogen tanks, give it a 17-knot top speed and a 3,750-mile range.

Guess we shouldn’t be expecting to see this baby out on Lake WA for #SeaFair2020 :(.


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