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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/25/20)

  • Steve Carrell did NOT WANT TO LEAVE “The Office” and his fellow cast members were so upset that they could barely get through filming the farewell episode
  • Oprah is making Stedman live in the GUEST HOUSE because he didn’t take Coronavirus seriously enough

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger set up a fund that’s delivering GROCERY GIFT CARDS and food to families in need….AND a GoFundMe campaign for first responders called  “FRONTLINE RESPONDERS FUND” that he donated $1 million to!
  • Ryan Reynolds is DONATING 30% of the online proceeds from sales of his Aviation Gin to out-of-work bartenders
  • Shawn Mendes has donated $175,000 to the SickKids Foundation for coronavirus preparedness
  • Anna Wintour and Tom Ford have created a coronavirus RELIEF FUND to “raise both awareness and needed funds for those in the American fashion community”
  • Britney Spears is calling for . . . REDISTRIBUTION of wealth???
  • VIDEO: Patrick Sonnet will pull us through this crisis by reciting a sonnet a day
  • Idiot SPRING BREAKER who went viral now apologizes for saying he wouldn’t let a little pandemic stand in the way of his right to party!
  • VIDEO: John Mayer pokes fun at that celebrity “Imagine” cover
  • VIDEO: Nick Lachey turned the classic 98 Degrees song, “The Hardest Thing” into a quarantine anthem!
  • Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at the importance of celebrities



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