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Brooke is a bold all-American tomboy that is passionate about her friends, her family and new adventures. She is a former hip-hop dance instructor and an outdoor enthusiast. She is the voice of reason to Jubal’s crazy. She still says, “Woot,” “Raise the roof,” and loves to over share.

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/31/15)

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We've got the top 10 harshest jokes from Justin Bieber's roast & the uncensored video!!!! Mariah Carey's new boyfriend is already cheating on her and there are pictures!?!?!? Plus, people are calling for the new host of "The Daily Show" to be fired over his offensive tweets! See them here! Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (3/26/15)

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Harry Styles broke down in tears over Zayn Malik leaving One Direction....and rumors are things are only going to get worse for 1D fans! See the video here! Taylor Swift photographed with her new famous boyfriend?!?!? Plus, Britney Spears on the cover of People with her boys who are growing up fast! Read More »