Young Jeffrey

Young Jeffrey is the heart and soul of "Brooke & Jubal in the Morning", which is why the show is in desperate need of an organ transplant. Jeffrey says his two greatest accomplishments in life are: 1) making his parents cry at his own bar mitzvah and 2) something that he did in Mexico in 2009 that he's LEGALLY not allowed to disclose. Young Jeffrey's main responsibilities at the station include monitoring the thermostat in the studio and making sure Jose NEVER does his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression on air... some people have said that letting Jeffrey speak into a microphone is "the worst decision in radio history". But that's why Jeff doesn't listen to what his parents have to say. He's just happy to be here.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Makin It In Hollywood

Jubal pretends to be a talent scout from a big Entertainment agency in Hollywood... and he has the SECRET to "making it big" in TV, movies, you name it! EVERY major celebrity has done it... and Jubal is ready to share his special secret with a guy from Seattle. It's a little STRANGE. But trust me, it WORKS. Find out his "secret" in the PODCAST.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Spirits Be Gone

A lot of people all over the country truly believe that their house is haunted…. And Jubal calls one of those people today. He might be able to help her get rid of her haunting, if she's willing to think outside of the box. Hear what he has in mind in the PHONE TAP.

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PODCAST: Drunk Movie Review – “Lego Batman”

The new Lego Batman movie was #1 at the Box Office this past weekend, and is getting RAVE REVIEWS. But we all know there's only ONE opinion that really matters... our own resident movie critic (Jose Bolanos). He had plenty of "liquid courage" before he went to see it. What were his INTOXICATED thoughts?

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Veggie Platter Charmer

Sometimes on a first date, you reach that awkward moment in the evening where you're not sure what your next move should be... and at THAT time. What you NEED to do... is stop down, Take a breath... and call your mom for advice. At least, that's what one of our listeners (Trevor) did 10 years ago... And he's regretted it EVER since. Hear as he tries to get redemption in todays' Second Date Update!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: I Love Your Ring

Jubal calls a woman who left her diamond at a jewelry shop to be cleaned. Unfortunately, he MAY have misplaced it (after he took it home to show his girlfriend). Oops. But, It's really kind of her fault. You should know, that you can't trust Jubal with ANYTHING valuable.

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