Young Jeffrey

Young Jeffrey is the heart and soul of "Brooke & Jubal in the Morning", which is why the show is in desperate need of an organ transplant. Jeffrey says his two greatest accomplishments in life are: 1) making his parents cry at his own bar mitzvah and 2) something that he did in Mexico in 2009 that he's LEGALLY not allowed to disclose. Young Jeffrey's main responsibilities at the station include monitoring the thermostat in the studio and making sure Jose NEVER does his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression on air... some people have said that letting Jeffrey speak into a microphone is "the worst decision in radio history". But that's why Jeff doesn't listen to what his parents have to say. He's just happy to be here.

Second Date Update PODCAST: Big Loads

One of the key things to a good joke, is timing… knowing WHAT to say and (most importantly) WHEN to say it. Unfortunately, the guy in today's Second Date Update, doesn't seem to understand that. And his horrible joke, is probably costing him a chance at love.

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Smart Girls Suck

When it comes to dating, Everyone has their "type" that they're just attracted to for some reason… you may not understand it, you may not like it, you may even think it's rude. But hey, that's how the dating world works. And we have the proof, in today's Second Date Update.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Project Remove All Reds

Is there anything that fires people up in this area of the country MORE than traffic? Well today, Jubal calls a woman to let her know the traffic in HER neighborhood will be changing… thanks to something called "Project Go". And for some weird reason, she gets upset. But he's only trying to help.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Long Lost Bully

Jubal has to make amends with a girl that he used to bully WAY back in elementary school… He just wants to say that he's SORRY about everything… and he means EVERYTHING. Listen as things get a little out of control in today's Phone Tap!

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Second Date Update PODCAST: New In Town

We got an email from a guy named Frank. He's new to town and he's been having trouble connecting with the local ladies. And when he FINALLY got a date with a girl he liked, he totally screwed it up. And he's pretty sure it has to do with the kiss. (or Non-Kiss)

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Deep No Phobia

How do yo tell if someone is lying to you? Sometimes it's completely obvious, and other times you're not so sure… The girl in today's Second Date Update is still in shock at the lie she was told on her date. And honestly, so are we. But was it really a lie? We'll find out…

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