Young Jeffrey

Young Jeffrey is the heart and soul of "Brooke & Jubal in the Morning", which is why the show is in desperate need of an organ transplant. Jeffrey says his two greatest accomplishments in life are: 1) making his parents cry at his own bar mitzvah and 2) something that he did in Mexico in 2009 that he's LEGALLY not allowed to disclose. Young Jeffrey's main responsibilities at the station include monitoring the thermostat in the studio and making sure Jose NEVER does his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression on air... some people have said that letting Jeffrey speak into a microphone is "the worst decision in radio history". But that's why Jeff doesn't listen to what his parents have to say. He's just happy to be here.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Headache Study

Jubal calls a guy who's fresh out of college and DESPERATE to make some money... and apparently, he's signed up to be a subject in various medical research studies... Well, Jubal has a NEW STUDY that he can participate in. And it's all in the name of Science!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Respect the Ding

Jubal poses as an airline representative and calls a woman to let her know… that she is now banned from all flights on their airline. Why? Well… there was an "incident" on her last trip. And we're about to make an example out of her.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: The Devil’s Cave

Jubal calls a young woman to let her know that he will be her mentor for her upcoming semester at college… and if that's not bad enough, he's about to make it much worse for her. With a little "rite of passage" ceremony that needs to happen. Listen in the Phone Tap!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Sexting Dentist

Jubal calls a girl who had a dentist appointment recently to give her some TROUBLING news… her dentist has recently been canned for "sexting" during some of his procedures. And he's done some WEIRD STUFF while his patients have been under anesthesia. Listen to the PHONE TAP.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Mr. Knuckleburger

A guy named, Vick emailed the show and told us that his co-worker used a "sick day" at work when she REALLY wasn't sick. So Jubal thought it would be perfect to do a PHONE TAP on her! And there's only ONE WAY she's going to keep her job. Find out what Jubal has in mind, in the PODCAST.

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