Jessica Hancock

Phone Tap PODCAST: Granny Watching Me

Today, Jubal has a real eerie feeling that someone in his house is watching him… and he’s pretty sure he knows who it is! So he calls a paranormal expert because he needs some real help, but for some reason this expert doesn’t take Jubal seriously…  

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NEWS: Professor of LEGO…?!

You have less than twenty-four hours left to apply for this one of a kind job! LEGO has created an application to find a qualified person to go to Cambridge University in the U.K. and teach a class all about… LEGOS. This class would teach on education all the while integrating everything LEGOs… To read all the details, click HERE! 

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Donald The Spam Manager

Today, Jubal calls a women who works in sales, but unfortunetly has been getting A TON of spam in her email. Luckily for her, Jubal is the head of the I.T. spam department and he also happens to have a GREAT sense of humor!!! But, for some reason this women doesn’t find email spam jokes to be funny…

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