Suelin Kwon

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (4/21/17)

George Lopez and DL Hughley got this tattoo dedicated to the late Charlie Murphy. For the anniversary of Prince’s passing, there was an insane concert in Paisley Park. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are officially BACK together, and are even going on public dates! Wiz Khalifa had plenty of fun on 4/20, and suggests everyone does too. Flo Rida denied …

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Second Date Update UPDATE PODCAST: Laser TAG Your Nose is Broken

Every once in a while we do a special segment called a “Second Date Update UPDATE”… Where we contact a couple who has appeared on this show in the past, to find out what’s going on with them now… Are they still together? Are they NOT together? You never know what could happen… But today’s Second Date Update UPDATE surprised …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: AirBnB Remodel

Jubal calls a guy who rents out his place as an AirBnB and tells him he’s currently staying there and needed to get a hold of him ASAP… Why? Something VERY STRANGE is going on… and he’s about to find out that Jubal is the cause of it.

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