Second Date Update PODCAST: Ur Mom Is Hawt…

Tinder dates having a reputation for being awkward at first… but one of our listeners, who recently went on a Tinder Date, has an special talent for making things EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. Not only did this listener make his date feel awkward… he made her MOM CRINGE! So, how did he manage to do all this??? Listen to the podcast below …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Monsters In My Closet

It is not uncommon for victims of Jubal’s Phone Tap pranks to yell and even curse at him… but in today’s phone tap Jubal makes someone SO angry they say they are willing to literally LEAVE their own job!! Listen to the podcast below to find out how Jubal made one person so mad!

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Church BBQ

We’ve done some crazy Second Date Updates.. Some are weird, some are heart wrenching, and then there are others where a JUICY SECRET is revealed… Which is what happened in today’s Second Date. We didn’t see it coming, and we definitely didn’t think the person that gets busted would DEFEND themselves the way that they did… Hear it all below!

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