Jubal Flagg is a standup comedian, radio host, television personality and comedy writer. Known for his quick wit and keen and often strange observations, Jubal has been entertaining audiences on-stage and on the radio for over 10 years. Jubal currently hosts “Brooke and Jubal in the Morning” and can be seen throughout the country as a regular on FOX TV’s Dish Nation. Along with making people laugh on a daily basis by hosting one of the most popular radio shows in Seattle, Jubal also writes and produces comedy bits and daily topical jokes that are used by radio stations nationwide. In other words; he loves the craft of comedy so much that he even writes jokes for his “competition”. The son of two ministers, Jubal attributes his quirky sense of humor to, well, growing up with the name Jubal.

Phone Tap PODCAST: I Bought a Burrito with Ur Visa

What would you do if you received a call about someone using your LOST credit card?!? Well, this guy has THE ULTIMATE FREAKOUT when Jubal says he used his little something…to buy a.. burrito. Next time, don’t forget your Visa at the bar dude! Listen in on the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Watering Her Plants

On a scale of 1-10, how awkward would it be if the guy who waters your plants at your office calls in to ask about your hot female employees? In today’s Phone Tap PODCAST, Jubal calls up a man to ask him a VERY important question about a special someone but there’s a problem… the guy over the phone might …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: What Movie You Watching?

Jubal loves making people feel uncomfortable… so he calls the woman over the phone and tells her that he got all of her PERSONAL INFO from a friend at the DMV!!! Although, he is just dying to ask ONE simple question… Listen in on the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Stuck in Vacuum

In today’s Phone Tap, the vacuum repair shop guy has absolutely NO IDEA what to say when Jubal calls with a really bizarre problem… Can he help Jubal out of this awkward situation? Listen in on the PHONE TAP PODCAST!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Jubal the Dog Breeder

Having trouble getting your dog to breed??? Jubal knows EXACTLY how to get your pup in the MOOD! His techniques are a bit unconventional, but they work 98% of the time! Listen to Jubal help this guy with HIS DOG in the PHONE TAP.  

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Hospital Incident

Ever wonder what happens while you’re under anesthesia? Apparently… one of our listener’s went to the hospital to get shoulder surgery, BUT Jubal calls to tell him that he was caught in a sticky situation while he was under! How will he take the news??? Find out what all happened in today’s PHONE TAP!

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