Jubal Flagg is a standup comedian, radio host, television personality and comedy writer. Known for his quick wit and keen and often strange observations, Jubal has been entertaining audiences on-stage and on the radio for over 10 years. Jubal currently hosts “Brooke and Jubal in the Morning” and can be seen throughout the country as a regular on FOX TV’s Dish Nation. Along with making people laugh on a daily basis by hosting one of the most popular radio shows in Seattle, Jubal also writes and produces comedy bits and daily topical jokes that are used by radio stations nationwide. In other words; he loves the craft of comedy so much that he even writes jokes for his “competition”. The son of two ministers, Jubal attributes his quirky sense of humor to, well, growing up with the name Jubal.

Phone Tap PODCAST: She’s Faking It

How do you tell your downstairs neighbor that you can hear EVERYTHING that's happening in their room.... And when Jubal says "everything" he means EVERYTHING. And that's not the worst part! Listen to the PHONE TAP.

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Kid Blocked

If someone's kid doesn't like you, can you ever recover? One of our listeners, Doug, runs into some issues with Gwen's 6 year old son and now he's not getting a call back. Find out what went wrong in the Second Date Update PODCAST.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: 49ers Fan Tickets Revoked

Jubal pretends to be from the Seahawks ticketing office and calls a 49ers fan to tell them that she won't be allowed into Century Link field for the NFC Championship Game... That is, UNLESS she does EXACTLY what Jubal says. Listen to her freak out in the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Hold Please

Don’t you HATE waiting for hours in a doctor’s office???… so Jubal gets some REVENGE for everybody that ever has had to wait for way too long!!! Listen as he puts the receptionist on hold over… and over… and over! It’s your PHONE TAP!   (Image Courtesy: Tony Stewart. Creative Commons)

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VIDEO: Jose Gets Attacked by a Ghost!

Jose was told by a Professional Ghost Hunter the BEST WAY to get a ghost out of your apartment is to simply turn off the lights and TELL it leave… So Jose tried that and probably REGRETS it now. Watch the VIDEO!  

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Phone Tap PODCAST: I Lost Your Diamond

Mark is SUPER NERVOUS about proposing to his girlfriend tomorrow... Well he's about to go ballistic. Because Jubal is calling from the engagement ring store with some bad news about the diamond ring that Mark purchased. And it only gets worse from there. Hear Mark's reaction in the PHONE TAP!

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