Jubal Flagg is a standup comedian, radio host, television personality and comedy writer. Known for his quick wit and keen and often strange observations, Jubal has been entertaining audiences on-stage and on the radio for over 10 years. Jubal currently hosts “Brooke and Jubal in the Morning” and can be seen throughout the country as a regular on FOX TV’s Dish Nation. Along with making people laugh on a daily basis by hosting one of the most popular radio shows in Seattle, Jubal also writes and produces comedy bits and daily topical jokes that are used by radio stations nationwide. In other words; he loves the craft of comedy so much that he even writes jokes for his “competition”. The son of two ministers, Jubal attributes his quirky sense of humor to, well, growing up with the name Jubal.

Women Can Get Turned On Just By Touching WHAT?!?


Researchers have found that women get turned on just by TOUCHING men’s underwear.  Really?  Then why does my girlfriend complain so much about doing my laundry? A new study says that having sex on a first date has NO EFFECT on if the guy will call you again.  Sweet, so there’s still a chance he might call?  Um, I mean, that’s interesting. …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Happy Wiener Birthday


In today’s PHONE TAP, Jubal poses as a Corporate HR rep… he tells a guy that a lady has complained about something he did in the office during her birthday. He better do EXACTLY what Jubal says if he wants to keep his job. Listen in the PODCAST. (Image Courtesy: g4ll4is. Creative Commons)

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Airhead

Some people say that beautiful people can get away with absolutely ANYTHING (at least that’s what Jubal thinks)… So is Heather pretty enough to get away with what SHE did on her date? Find out in the Second Date Update! 

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Is This Fashion Accessory SERIOUSLY Making a Comeback?!?


The monocle is making a COMEBACK as a fashion accessory.  I’m sure Kanye West will want to take credit for this too. An Italian man hired an escort that turned out to be his son’s GIRLFRIEND.  Can somebody say friends and family discount?!  Good for him! A drunk New Zealand man broke into a house and made himself a honey, cayenne OMELET.  …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Umbuntu Airlines


Jubal calls a woman to tell her that her flight to South Africa has been changed slightly… Now she’s going to be on a different plane with some INTERESTING new co-passengers. Find out how she takes the GOOD NEWS in the PHONE TAP! (Image Courtesy: Andrew Malone. Creative Commons)

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Awkward Proposal


Jubal calls a restaurant with some exciting news…. He would like to book a special reservation because he plans on proposing this Friday night…  The hostess sounds excited until she realizes Jubal might be RELATED to his future spouse. Hear it in the PHONE TAP! (Image Courtesy: Aurimas. Creative Commons)

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A State Just Made Taking Upskirt Photos LEGAL?!


The Massachusetts supreme court has ruled that it is LEGAL to take UPSKIRT PHOTOS of women in public.  In response, I am moving to Massachusetts. A guy at a Walmart in Kansas started YELLING at an automated checkout machine then ended up getting punched in the face by another customer.  Wow, employees at that Walmart really don’t do anything themselves do they? …

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Dr. Liar


Gavin is CLEARLY dating a girl out of his league… and is not getting a call back for another date. Will be able to help him out? Or EXPOSE HIM for the LIAR that he is!! Listen to the Second Date Update.   (Image Courtesy: ZakVTA. Creative Commons)

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