Mason has one of those personalities that not only fills up the room, but entertains you to no end. When she’s not cracking a joke, you kind of wonder if something’s wrong! She has been an on-air personality at MOViN 92.5 since 2007, and continues to get us all through that early evening traffic Monday through Friday. Mason has a knack for decorating, cracking sarcastic jokes and having a good time.

SNL Gold

Justin from the midday show told me that this reminded me of him. I should be offended. But I see it. I get it.

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Privilege Explained

This video was making the round in a couple of Facebook groups that I’m in and eyeopening is an understatement for some people. Give it a watch.

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My inner child is screaming!

Like I’m Jessie Spano and took a handful of diet pills level of excitement over here, people. There is a pop-up restaurant based on the restaurant from the popular show, Saved By the Bell! I’m upset it isn’t in Seattle, but this gives me an excuse to finally visit Chi-Town!

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Seattle sure is purdy!

Not to brag or anything, but I took this. (And then through 12 filters on it.) Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year, I mean how can you not feel like you’re driving through a Kincaid painting these days!

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Current Obsession: The Shade Beauty

I’m completely and utterly obsessed with makeup these days.  I’m like a 6 year old  who’s mother just gave her carte blanche to go crazy with the face paint.  I’m constantly watching tutorials on things like baking and creating the perfect crease. I then spend hours trying to recreate said looks. I mean, you gotta have the right brushes…you gotta …

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