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Mason has one of those personalities that not only fills up the room, but entertains you to no end. When she’s not cracking a joke, you kind of wonder if something’s wrong! She has been an on-air personality at MOViN 92.5 since 2007, and continues to get us all through that early evening traffic Monday through Friday. Mason has a knack for decorating, cracking sarcastic jokes and having a good time.

Is Mercury Retrograde affecting your relationships right now?

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Mercury is in Retrograde.  Now listen, I don’t know a lot about astrology but from what I’m told it’s all about communication, tying up loose ends, revisiting old friendships, technology and things of the like. In episode 34 of Turn Down 4 Brunch we talk about how Mercury Retrograde could be affecting your relationships (and sanity). EPISODE 34 HERE. So what exactly is ... Read More »

The things you should NEVER ever say on a first date…

Credit: Erika Wright

In Episode 32 of Turn Down 4 Brunch we cover the list of things you should never, under any circumstance, say on a first date. [EPISODE 32 HERE] I guess these things are really only relevant if you’re interested in a second date, though.  Otherwise, it doesn’t matter…. Now you can probably guess that something like referencing your ex is a no-no…but some of ... Read More »