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Stacy Keibler Preggers!

Attribution: Georges Biard

George Clooney has dated a LOT of beautiful women — and none of them have been lucky enough to cash-in with a wedding ring or a baby. But one of his exes, Stacy Keibler, found a new super-rich guy who DID do those things! I wonder if George will send a baby gift.. ? [YourTango] If you thought she got ... Read More »

Ed Sheeran Disses On Miley Cyrus’s "Twerking"!


Ed Sheeran says that if he had a 9-year old daughter he would NOT want her Twerking or following Miley Cyrus in that regard. Also, he really thought Miley Cyrus’s new song “Wrecking Ball” was a great song, but that the video (Where Miley hangs from a Wrecking Ball while she’s naked) distracts from what the song is really about. ... Read More »

[PHOTO] Vanilla Ice Gets Miley Cyrus "Tattoo"!


Did you see Miley Cyrus post on Instagram her “Rolling Stone” tattoo she put on the bottom of her feet? It was fake, but because she decided to name-check Vanilla Ice in her Rolling Stone cover interview, Vanilla Ice decided that it would be funny to put a “Miley Cyrus” tattoo on the bottom of his feet to mock her. ... Read More »