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He's made a lot of poor choices in his life but he says this (by far) was his worst one. Producing Brooke and Jubal in the Morning. At one time, he was a young, up and coming Executive Producer for a real life television show. But five years ago, he threw it all away to work with a bunch of idiots on the radio.... and so here he is. Just a shell of man..... writing bad jokes for Jubal and telling Brooke how beautiful she is every day. Poor guy. Oh, he's also married with a 2 year old boy named Jake, lives in Green lake and loves the Seahawks.

Top 12 Phone Taps of 2011!

Listen over the next 2 weeks as Brooke, Jubal & XBOX 360 COUNT DOWN the “TOP 12 Phone Taps of 2011”!!! #12 – Facebook Says You’re Single #11 – “Big Pook” Orders Flowers #10 – Stuck in the Toilet #9 – Automated Drug Test #8 – Car Detail Gone Wrong #7 – The Great Nipple Switch #6 – Bride Gone ... Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze

PICS: The Kardashian Christmas card PICS: Courtney Stodden’s super trashy Santa photo shoot Courtney Stodden brings us the 12 DAYS of Christmas Kanye West & Jay Z PAYED $3 million each to perform at sweet 16 birthday party Professor got FIRED for giving James Franco a “D” Jay Z and Beyonce are getting a BULLET PROOF car for their baby ... Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze

PICS: Which celeb makes the sexiest santa? Katy? Selena? Mariah Carey’s “X Factor” performance NIXED because she wanted $300,000 Barbara Walters TELLS the Kardahsians “You don’t have any talent” Britney Spears is ENGAGED! PICS: Britney Spears TOTALLY decked out Christmas house! Howard Stern JOINS “America’s Got Talent” PICS: Snooki tweets bikini photo, someone has been working out! Students pay to ... Read More »

Open Letter: Company Holiday Parties

It’s that time of year again! Office Christmas parties are happening all across the country! But the parties just aren’t the same as they USED to be. Jubal remembers when Office holiday parties used to be FUN! How are you supposed to get in the Christmas spirit WITHOUT booze?!?! Hear what Jubal McScrooge has to say in the open letter, ... Read More »