Steve Boyd

He's made a lot of poor choices in his life but he says this (by far) was his worst one. Producing Brooke and Jubal in the Morning. At one time, he was a young, up and coming Executive Producer for a real life television show. But five years ago, he threw it all away to work with a bunch of idiots on the radio.... and so here he is. Just a shell of man..... writing bad jokes for Jubal and telling Brooke how beautiful she is every day. Poor guy. Oh, he's also married with a 2 year old boy named Jake, lives in Green lake and loves the Seahawks.

PODCAST: Loser Line (12/06/2017)

When CREEPERS hit on you, at the club or even at your family reunion, don’t give them your REAL PHONE NUMBER… give them the Loser Line Number. They’ll call us and leave us a nice weird little message that we can play ON THE AIR!

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PODCAST: Special Holiday Missed Connections

In a Special Holiday Christmas Edition of Craigslist Missed Connections, we present to you all the upsetting updates of people who couldn’t pull the trigger on pursuing an individual who caught their attention and as a result they are now looking for them on the internet so that they have someone with whom to spend the holidays with.

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PODCAST: Laser Stories (12/06/2017)

Weird news stories from around the world… with a healthy dose of LASERS added in. Does it make sense? No not really, but it doesn’t HAVE TO… it’s “Laser Stories”!

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PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (12/06/2017)

People have called it the dumbest thing ever heard on radio… Which is why we do it every morning at 6:05 am. It’s Shock Collar Question of the Day! Answer the trivia question correctly, and you don’t get shocked. But if you get it wrong, you WILL suffer the consequences.

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PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call – I Unlove You

It’s tough to build up the courage to tell your significant other that you love them, in Ian’s case he needed a ton of booze to help him tell Amanda that however she did not say it back…. now Ian needs the morning show’s help in taking back the “I Love You”. Listen to the conversation in today’s Awkward Tuesday …

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PODCAST: Battle of the Tinder Dates (12/05/2017)

It’s no surprise that many people nowadays go on dates with people who’ve they’ve never met before all thanks to the internet or dating apps, however there is no accurate way to filter out the creeps and weirdos simply by swiping left! We have brought two listeners who will battle it out to see who can claim the title of …

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