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Phone Tap PODCAST: Shop Till You Drop

Jubal poses as a customer rep from a clothing company telling a shopper that she is invited to be the very FIRST customer of a huge sale…BUT he needs some of her PRIVATE, financial information first that he thinks she’s gullible enough to get… Hear the Phone Tap.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: All Change Bank

Jubal poses as the manager of a local bank and calls a woman who just hit a milestone in her account  to THANK HER for years of banking… But while he has her on the phone, he will tell her that the bank is making ONE MAJOR CHANGE… and it’s going to affect her in the worst way possible!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Dirty Water

Jubal calls as ‘Dwayne’ from public utilities with some real bad news… the water at this guy’s house is TOXIC. To fix it, Jubal needs to come every day to test the water… by showering, bathing, and making breakfast there. Just for a few weeks.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Instagram Job

Jubal calls a young woman who wishes nothing more in life than to be Internet Famous… And she is finally offered the opportunity to travel the world with INSTAGRAM! All she has to do is send a few special pictures….Will she do it? Find out in the Phone Tap!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: No Alexa

Nothing like a pushy salesman to get someone fired up! Jubal calls a man who purchased a Kindle Tablet online to see if there’s anything else he’s interested in…And he won’t stop until he buys something. Hear the customer’s reaction in the Phone Tap.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Hatch Your Phone

One guy has been so frustrated with his new phone that he’s sending it back and demanding a refund… But customer service INSISTS he tries out some unexpected methods to fix it first. Hear what Jubal recommends in the Phone Tap!

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