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Phone Tap PODCAST: Estaban Funk My Life

There’s a young man roaming the town… Who wears track suits, gold chains and digs the ladies. His name is Estaban! And perhaps the biggest moment of his entire life has just happened… And he needs to lock down a new venue to celebrate. But it’s kind of tough to do that when literally nobody knows who he is.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Busted & Stoned at Work

Jubal found out that a guy has been secretly smoking pot behind the bowling alley where he works… So Jubal tells him  if he wants to KEEP his precious job, he needs to do something a little “sinister” for Jubal. Listen to the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Bride-A-Saurus Rex

In today’s brand new Phone Tap, Jubal is SERIOUSLY worried for a bridal shop… only because his soon-to-be wife gets a touch angry about planning their wedding…. Jubal suggests taking serious precautions before his blushing bride arrives to the shop. Find out exactly what he says in the podcast below!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Shoe Sucker

Jubal calls up a young woman to ask her out for a drink… She thinks that he's just a friend of her co-worker. But of course, before they can actually get together, Jubal is Legally obligated to tell her something about his past.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Break a Date Part 5

In today’s Phone Tap, Break a Date is back!!! And Jubal decides to call a poor guy from the “Break a Date” Hotline to tell him that his girlfriend is dumping him for many reasons!!! But what happens after Jubal breaks the bad news to the guy…takes a turn for the worst!! Find out what it was….Hear the podcast!!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: What Movie You Watching?

Jubal loves making people feel uncomfortable… so he calls the woman over the phone and tells her that he got all of her PERSONAL INFO from a friend at the DMV!!! Although, he is just dying to ask ONE simple question… Listen in on the PHONE TAP!

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