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Phone Tap PODCAST: Intense Golfer

EVERY golf caddy knows that there’s ONE GOAL when entering the business… To carry the clubs for an A-List celebrity. Well, for one young, aspiring caddy, Jubal is about to make his dreams come true! Only we’re not sure if he’s really up for the job… And if you know Jubal, you’ll understand why… Listen to the PODCAST!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Craigslist Car Auctioneer

Jubal calls a woman who is selling her car on Craigslist… Apparently, ever since she posted the ad, people have called and tried to Low-Ball her on the price… Unfortunately for HER, it’s about to happen again.  Hear it in the PHONE TAP.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Madame Stinks A Lot

Work place gossip is a common thing in the office… but in today’s phone tap, gossip at work has been taken to a new level! Jubal poses as an HR associate who NEEDS to call a woman to let her know that something she is doing is making all of her co-workers COMPLAIN. Listen to the podcast below to find …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Donald The Spam Manager

Today, Jubal calls a women who works in sales, but unfortunetly has been getting A TON of spam in her email. Luckily for her, Jubal is the head of the I.T. spam department and he also happens to have a GREAT sense of humor!!! But, for some reason this women doesn’t find email spam jokes to be funny…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Blackhawk Career Day

In today’s phone tap, Jubal is VERY upset with a dad who spoke at his son’s school career day. Jubal doesn’t have an issue with what he said… but with HIM. He has a really cool job… TOO COOL. Its making all the other dads look lame, its just not fair… so Jubal is going to confront him!!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Superior Automotive

Today, Jubal poses as an insurance rep and calls a woman who has been waiting for a phone call from her insurance because she was recently rear-ended!! According to the police report, the person who HIT her is the one at fault… BUT since Jubal is her insurance rep, he has a few other thoughts on the incident! Listen to …

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