Second Date Update ™

Second Date Update PODCAST: The Lion King

In today’s Second Date Update, one listener needs help calling a girl who he says is WAY out of his league. He was so nervous about his date that he tried to impress her… but it was with all the WRONG charm. Before this listener can ask for a second date, he needs to apologize.

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Triple Double

In Today’s Second Date Update, one young man was entranced by a women 12 years older than him!! And while this guy is blessed with the attraction of a mature lady… this situation takes a turn that nobody could have predicted!! Find out what happens in the podcast below!  

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Horny Butterfly

Normally, the reason somebody is getting blown off for a Second Date update is because something went wrong the night they went out... But today is different. Because the reason the guy isn't calling his date, is because of something that happened YEARS before they even met!?!

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