Second Date Update ™

Second Date Update PODCAST: Vetoed

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At this point, we thought we've heard it all. Out of hundreds of Second Date Updates… we thought we heard every reason, excuse and lie in the book… well, we were WRONG. In today's Second Date Update, we get a reason for blowing someone off that we're STILL trying to figure out. Hear it in the PODCAST. Read More »

Second Date Update: Halloween Humpfest

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Halloween parties are the PERFECT place to meet someone for a little romance. The costumes are sexy… the drinks are strong… So it's no wonder that one of our listeners, Mandy, met a guy she liked at a Halloween party. Why isn't she getting a call back? That's the tricky part. We'll find out in the Second Date update. Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Ticket Fraud

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It's always a very STRANGE FEELING when someone you like completely stops texting you out of the blue. And one our listeners, Derek, feels like he had a really strong connection with a girl before she completely fell off the map. So what happened that brought everything to a halt? Find out in the Second Date Update! Read More »