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Second Date Update PODCAST: He Just Won’t Last

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If a guy likes a girl and they are on a first date… he will literally spend the ENTIRE night thinking about the kiss that comes at the end. Should he do it? How should he do it? When should he do it… Well, our listener (Jesse) went in for a smooch at the end of the evening. And not only was it Embarrassing… but it may have cost him a Second Date. Find out what happened in the PODCAST. Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Vetoed

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At this point, we thought we've heard it all. Out of hundreds of Second Date Updates… we thought we heard every reason, excuse and lie in the book… well, we were WRONG. In today's Second Date Update, we get a reason for blowing someone off that we're STILL trying to figure out. Hear it in the PODCAST. Read More »