Awkward Tuesday Phone Call ™

PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call – Cougar Wants A Breakup

From time to time here on the show, we like to bring back someone who starred on a previous segment… That’s exactly why Marci(the 32 y/o who was embarrassed to take her 19 y/o date to a company event) is back today… And unfortunately, she’s about to be the barer of bad news… Poor kiddo, find out how this DRAMATIC, …

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PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call – The Butt Dial

What would you do if your cute co-worker butt-dials you and you overhear them talking about how sexy you are? Well, if your first instinct is to call them in an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call then you must be DESPERATE for advice on what to do, and that’s the situation Max is in!

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Awkward Tuesday PODCAST: Bad Job Interview

Most of us have had at least ONE important job interview that didn’t go QUITE as planned… Well, one of our listeners actually screwed up SO BADLY in a recent job interview, that he’s reached out to our show, to see if we could help… Find out where he went wrong… Listen to the PODCAST!

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