Awkward Tuesday Phone Call ™

PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call- Poor Husband, Sad Wife Part 2

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Last week, one of our listeners emailed the show, because her husband left a high paying job to become a teacher… and she was unhappy with her simpler lifestyle… Well, guess who overheard the segment? Her husband…and now he’s emailed us to confront her in an awkward Tuesday phone call! If you missed the original segment, click here to listen.

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PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call – Dumping My Ex Again

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What do you do when you ACCIDENTALLY get super drunk and hook up with your super clingy ex??? You call a RADIO STATION for advice! That’s why Ashley emailed us this morning. And we’re ready to give her some much needed help in the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!  Hear it in the PODCAST below. (Image Courtesy: Allan Foster. Creative Commons)  

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PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call- I Ruined My Proposal

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One of our listeners accidentally found something that her boyfriend did NOT want her to see…and now, she’s worried that it may have been the BIGGEST MISTAKE of her entire life, and is willing to do whatever it takes to fix it…and that includes calling us for our unsolicited advice. To find out what happened, tune into the PODCAST.

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