Brooke & Jubal in The Morning Videos

VIDEO: THIS Rat Cares About Hygiene

We’ve never thought of Rats as cute until now…  SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT IT. What is going on?? Still doesn’t mean we wouldn’t freak out if we saw one running around in the studio though.  

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VIDEO: Momma, I’m Tryna Cook For You!

This little boy loves his mom and just wants to do something special for her, like cook her a meal. The problem is… he doesn’t know how. He knows it involves cheese, though.

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VIDEO: Mom, I SWEAR I Didn’t Order That!

What the frick? Don’t you just hate it when you order something completely innocent and something TOTALLY different comes in the mail? This kid orders an “xbox card- I mean xbox controller,” and when his Mom asked him to open it, he had noooooo idea why something else came. What the frick!  

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