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Phone Tap PODCAST: Parking Ticket PreCheck

One guy sent in his application for TSA PreCheck, but he forgot one thing… he has a friend who listens to the show and wants Jubal to handle the application instead. In this brand new phone tap, Jubal calmly explains that this guy not only won’t be approved for TSA PreCheck, but also is on a NO FLY List. You …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Burp The Worm

Jubal calls a guy who went to the doctor recently, because of an uncomfortable medical issue. So, Jubal just needs to check on him and get a little more information to make sure they get the diagnosis right. So of course, there's going be some strange questions. Hear it in the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Aloha

Today, a guy is traveling to the Hawaiian Islands for a much anticipated vacation! Unfortunetly, his airline itinerary has had a slight change in plans and Jubal is calling to give him the bad news. Oddly, this guy doesn’t accept Jubal’s “Aloha”…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Family Gumshoe

Moms are always concerned for their children, especially when they move out and start their own lives. And kids ALWAYS make the mistake of not calling their mom enough… and that is exactly the case for one of our listeners. Her daughter has moved out and started a new job, so now this mom needs Jubal’s help to get her …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Freaky Phone Operator

In today’s phone tap, Jubal calls one of his “co-workers” and threatens to let their boss in on a little secret if she doesn’t do what he wants… What he asks for is RIDICULOUS… But she did it!!! Find out what he asked for, listen to the podcast!

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