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Phone Tap PODCAST: AirBnB Remodel

Jubal calls a guy who rents out his place as an AirBnB and tells him he’s currently staying there and needed to get a hold of him ASAP… Why? Something VERY STRANGE is going on… and he’s about to find out that Jubal is the cause of it.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Kyler Spends the Night

Everybody’s favorite Brace-Faced teen with a foul math is back… and his name is Kyler Corsington. And today, Kyler calls up a parent who’s son is having a birthday sleepover. But if Kyler’s REALLY going to show up, he needs to go over a few ground rules FIRST…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: To Catch a Cheater PART 5 – Backdoor Busted

Another addition to the series where we EXPOSE who is currently being unfaithful to their partner… and recently we received an email from a woman named Gina who found out her LIVE-IN boyfriend has been messing around with a woman from work… and to make matters worse, it’s been happening AT Gina’s house… So, Jubal phone taps him WHILE Gina …

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