Jubal Phone Taps

Hear Jubal’s Phone Taps weekday mornings on the :20s only on MOViN 92.5! Want to send Jubal your idea? Feel free to request a Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Motorcycle Whisperer

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Loud motorcyles have been waking up Sean and his family late at night... So Jubal calls him and is READY to resolve the issue! See, Jubal is known around the police station as the "Motorcycle Whisperer", and he can identify ANY motorcycle sound ANYWHERE. He just needs a quick sample from Sean. Hear it in the PHONE TAP! Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Cable Customer Service Fiasco

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People LOVE to complain about how bad the customer service is when they call the cable company… but you know what?? Have you ever stopped to consider "Hey, maybe YOU'RE the one who's being difficult. Those customer service reps have their own lives to worry about and maybe you should stop being so NEEDY… Keep that in mind when you hear today's Phone Tap! Read More »