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Phone Tap PODCAST: Troller Coaster

A woman is in a desperate situation. She’s getting married this upcoming weekend, and the band that was supposed to perform at the reception just cancelled. Luckily, Jubal knows the perfect FILL IN. And he is about to give her the “disturbing news”…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Tiny Fists Of Fury

Jubal calls an employee who dresses up in character and works at a theme park. Apparently, the employee had a rather unfortunate situation happen to him the other day…. And, well, being in human resources, Jubal needs to clear this matter up RIGHT AWAY… which is why he DEMANDS that the employee gives a very special apology…  

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Your Kitty Goes Roar

Jubal calls a young woman who recently adopted a cat from a rescue shelter. And she doesn’t know this… but she has possibly made the biggest mistake other life! Thank GOODNESS I’m here to save her (IF and ONLY IF, she does exactly what I say)… in your phone tap!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Take My Newsletter Back

How many UNWANTED EMAILS do you receive from random companies in your inbox everyday??… Some, you ACTUALLY read… some, you throw to spam… and then there’s others that you unsubscribe from… But what happens, if a company is NOT HAPPY after you left their mailing list?… They get even in a phone tap… like the one you’re about to hear …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Car Lie Detector Test

Jubal calls an used car dealership because he’s VERY interested in one of the vehicles on their lot… The problem is, he’s been screwed over by used car salesmen before (who are ALWAYS trying to swindle him with a bad deal)… and he’s sick of it… Well, he finally found a way to MAKE 100% sure they’re not giving him …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Duff Chub Hands

He’s back… our resident meathead Duff! And Duff’s always down to do THREE things… Pump some serious iron, High five his bros and go HARD CORE after some random tail! So that’s what he does in today’s PHONE TAP!

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