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Phone Tap PODCAST: The Bachelor Interview

In today’s phone tap, Jubal calls a girl that’s interested in becoming a contestant on the Bachelor… But of course, before she can be flown down to Los Angeles… She needs to do a quick phone interview… That’s why Jubal poses as a casting director, and he’s going to find out just how badly she wants a  spot on the …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Sage Willowbrooke and the Escape Room

Everyone’s favorite creeper, Sage Willowbrooke, is back! This time he’s calling a guy about tickets he bought for an escape room… and unfortunately for him, it’s Sage’s escape room… so the odds of actually escaping seem pretty low…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: No He Didn’t Gurrrl

Jubal gets a lot of calls from bill collectors and ALL they ever want is money… they never really CARE about the person they're calling. But that's all about to Change… because JUBAL is collecting bills now. And he CARES. He cares A LOT! Hear it in the PHONE TAP.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Ted Crashes and Burns

Our old pal, "Ted the Stoner" is back and he's been down on his luck recently, and crashing at a buddy's place until he can get back on his feet… But now, he's unhappy with his living situation (even though he doesn't pay rent) and he's going to call the property manager to complain… Hear it in the PHONE TAP!

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