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Phone Tap PODCAST: Slow Cooker Fiasco

You say you just want a refund on the slow cooker that you returned to the store??? Well it's not going to be that simple. ESPECIALLY not when Jubal is the customer service guy helping you... Listen to the PHONE TAP and hear this poor guy lose his mind!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Donald and the Firefighter

Donald the uber nerd is back and has to call one of his neighbors. He has a confession to make… he’s been SPYING on him… but for a good reason… Find out what that reason by tuning in to the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: J-Lo Wants a Room

Today Jubal poses as the manager of POP SUPERSTAR Jennifer Lopez. He calls a hotel to make a reservation and for some STRANGE reason their computer cannot pull up J-lo’s info! That is UNACCEPTABLE and if Jubal has his way… this could possibly cost the hotel hostess her job…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Miguel and the Babies

Jubal calls a guy whose wife is just one week away from having their first child. And Jubal needs to tell them some very important information regarding their doctor. The problem is… it's going to be hard to understand what it is, because Miguel (the non-native English speaker), is the one breaking the news.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Naked Hide and Seek

A guy set up his girlfriend SO WELL for today’s Phone Tap. He told her not to worry… but that the FIRE DEPARTMENT would be calling her to explain what’s going on… So what IS going on??? Find out by listening to the PODCAST!

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