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Phone Tap PODCAST: Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Jubal is EXTREMELY happy that someone FINALLY chose to stay at his AirBnB even though his house is infested with bed bugs! But the lady from today’s phone tap knows that right? After all, she read the disclaimer, didn’t she?

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Lady Marmalade

Don’t you just HATE IT when customer service employees start asking about your personal life? Jubal does. And he lets them know EXACTLY what he is thinking in today’s Phone Tap!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Halloween Senior Care

Jubal is the new boss at a senior living facility and he believes that the current activities coordinator isn’t doing a great job planning fun events for their elderly residents. What could he possible have in mind?? Find out in today’s phone tap!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: No Idearrr

Caycie Ryback works for human resources and called the company’s TOP salesman and tells him that people love his hard-work but HATE another one of his qualities…. Do you want to know how the conversation went? Listen to today’s Phone Tap to find out!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Crazy Jenna Gets Out

Cazey Ryback called Ryan to let him know he needs to pick up Jenna, a girl whom he has been romantically involved with, from the local correction facility… problem is that he didn’t know she is crazy!!

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