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Phone Tap PODCAST: Crap Sandwich

In today’s Phone Tap, Jubal calls a guy who has had multiple lunches stolen from him!! Little does he know that Jubal has been the one eating all his meals…And now he is about to ask the man’s wife for an UNBELIEVABLE favor… Hear what it is in the podcast below!!!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Mikey is the Coolest

It's always a good time to call someone and say that you know them through Facebook… and when they don't recognize YOU, just start CRYING uncontrollably. Fun right?? That's what Jubal does in today's PHONE TAP. Why doesn't Mikey LIKE him!?!? Listen in the PODCAST!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Nervous Customer Service

Jubal doesn’t know if he’s really cut out for the job this guy THINKS that he has… Jubal pretends to work in customer service and he tries his best to handle his issue.. but whenever he gets nervous, something happens… and he just can’t control it. Find out what it is, in the phone tap below!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Nostradamus Diet

A server from a local restaurant wanted to prank his boss… by having Jubal call in for a phone interview, so that’s what he does… But  it’s hard to answer any of his questions, because of this new fangled diet that he’s on.. it’s called “The Nostradamus Diet”… and it’s the reason he hasn’t slept int the last 36 hours.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Donald Welcomes the New Guy

Riley just started his new job this week... and it's time for one his "nice" co-workers to welcome him to the company. It's DONALD, the nerdy I.T. guy! Donald has the inside scoop on all the "super cool" stuff that goes down at the office... including which female co-workers the SEXIEST? It's not weird... it's a JUBAL PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: “The Piranha”

Jubal calls a guy named Don to tell him that HE ISN'T SAFE! Why?? Well... he just rented a room in his house to guy from Craigslist who is wanted in FOUR STATES. And they don't call him "The Piranha" for nothing. Hear if Don can make it out of this Phone Tap alive!

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