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Phone Tap PODCAST: Grandma Pancake Thief

Jubal calls a woman whose grandmother currently lives in a retirement home… and if you’ve ever been around a senior living facility then you know, there’s NOT A LOT of exciting things that go down there… That is… until now. Because her grandma just got busted BIG TIME… and she’s about to pay the ultimate price for it.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Alfonso Cortez Scam

Jubal tells a guy that he has $14 Million waiting for him in Spain! Sounds like a scam to me. Or does Alfonso Cortez REALLY have his money??? We know he AT LEAST has his social security number. Listen to the PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Project Remove All Reds

Is there anything that fires people up in this area of the country MORE than traffic? Well today, Jubal calls a woman to let her know the traffic in HER neighborhood will be changing… thanks to something called "Project Go". And for some weird reason, she gets upset. But he's only trying to help.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Long Lost Bully

Jubal has to make amends with a girl that he used to bully WAY back in elementary school… He just wants to say that he's SORRY about everything… and he means EVERYTHING. Listen as things get a little out of control in today's Phone Tap!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Triggered

In today’s Phone Tap, Jubal poses as “Casey” a nervous guy interviewing for a bartender position…thing is Casey REALLY wants the job but he may have some SERIOUS ex girlfriend baggage that could HOLD HIM back from even CONTINUING the interview. Find out the awkward, uncomfortable and HILARIOUS ways  “Casey” deals with that baggage…in the podcast below!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Old Guy Hot Wife

Jubal calls a guy who recently took some pictures with his wife, at a professional photography studio…. And he makes him more angry than he’s ever been in his entire life… How???… By pointing out how old he looks, compared to his MUCH YOUNGER AND HOTTER wife…  Hear his reaction in your phone tap right now.

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