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Phone Tap PODCAST: Intense Golfer

It’s every golf caddy’s dream to carry the clubs for a professional golfer. Well, for one man, Jubal is about to make his dreams come true.. and maybe his nightmares as well… because he’s going to be caddying for HIM… and that comes with serious risks.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: The Boss’ Triplets

This guy travels a lot for work. He’s apparently very good at his job and little does he know, that’s going to hurt him in the end. Because, the CEO of the company he works for is about to call him and rock his world with a BIZARRE request that he CAN’T say no to…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: AirBnB Remodel

Jubal calls a guy who rents out his place as an AirBnB and tells him he’s currently staying there and needed to get a hold of him ASAP… Why? Something VERY STRANGE is going on… and he’s about to find out that Jubal is the cause of it.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Kyler Spends the Night

Everybody’s favorite Brace-Faced teen with a foul math is back… and his name is Kyler Corsington. And today, Kyler calls up a parent who’s son is having a birthday sleepover. But if Kyler’s REALLY going to show up, he needs to go over a few ground rules FIRST…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: To Catch a Cheater PART 5 – Backdoor Busted

Another addition to the series where we EXPOSE who is currently being unfaithful to their partner… and recently we received an email from a woman named Gina who found out her LIVE-IN boyfriend has been messing around with a woman from work… and to make matters worse, it’s been happening AT Gina’s house… So, Jubal phone taps him WHILE Gina …

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