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Phone Tap PODCAST: Your Cars Stolen, Goodbye

In today’s phone tap, Jubal calls a woman who is on vacation in Mexico, with a VERY SIMPLE message to deliver from her vehicle security system.. Her car is currently being stolen and there’s absolutely NOTHING he can do about it.. Hope she has a great day..! Listen to the PODCAST!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Bad Case of the Flolds

Jubal calls a woman who’s a manager at a local company, and apparently everything is going great at work except for ONE small issue… An employee of hers, and constantly been calling in sick with some of the lamest excuses imaginable… and it’s about to get A LOT WORSE… in your phone tap below.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Duncan’s Skushi and Pancakes

In today’s phone tap, Jubal calls a woman who is in charge of organizing her company’s DINNER BANQUET… Her co-workers emailed us and said she’s been VERY stressed out about the whole thing… Well, this phone call is NOT going to help… Because Duncan (the most incompetent person on the planet) is reaching out from the catering company… And even …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Going from C to E

A girl is about to get a boob job and wants a “C” cup, but in Jubal’s PROFESSIONAL OPINION, he thinks bigger is always better. Maybe this phone call can convince her… Listen to the PHONE TAP.    

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Katen the Bully

In today’s phone tap Jubal poses as an elementary school teacher, and calls the father of one of his students. Unfortunately, I have to tell him some bad news.. His 6 year old son has been BULLYING in the classroom.. But the weird part is.. He’s not bullying any of the other students.. He’s been targeting somebody else.. And frankly, …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Kitty Kat Keanu

In today’s phone tap, Jubal calls a woman who’s been organizing a charity golf tournament… Apparently, a few weeks ago she sent out some invitations to a couple BIG NAME CELEBRITIES, hoping that one of them might make an appearance. Of course she didn’t actually expect any of them to respond.. But this must be her lucky day.. Because turns …

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