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Phone Tap PODCAST: Gold Digger Revenge

Jubal has done FOUR “To Catch a Cheater” phone taps… and today’s phone tap is a little bit like that, but this couple is ALREADY broken up, and one of our listeners wants Jubal to TEST his ex to see if she would make the MORALLY CORRECT DECISION when presented with temptation… Find out what happens here.  

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Sage and the Limo Driver

Prepared to be CREEPED OUT of your pants. Sage Willowbrooke is back. He’s our resident soft-spoken weirdo and today, Sage is planning a “special event” and needs to hire a limo driver who won’t ask too many questions. Let’s see if that happens in the phone tap below!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Ted Drapes on the Outside

Ted the stoner is back, and this time, he fools a homeowner into thinking he’s working on a remodel for his house… Even though Ted is a stickler for details, he may have messed up ONE BIG THING about the project. Find out what it is in the phone tap below.  

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Nervous Sheep

Jubal calls a guy to let him know that before he gets hired for his new job he’s going to need to go through the initiation process… and this is a FUN company. So the process can get a little crazy! Listen to the PHONE TAP.  

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Phone Tap PODCAST: UPS Cat Delivery

Today, Jubal was able to do something he NEVER gets to do…. with the help of one our listeners, Jubal gets to SURPRISE our Phone Tap victim with some really exciting news! Of course, before Jubal can actually share the news he NEEDS to freak her out a bit… Listen to the podcast below to hear what is going to …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Unapproved Hairstyle

In today’s Phone Tap, Jubal calls a delivery driver to deliver a message… several customers are SERIOUSLY UPSET with him! They have been complaining constantly for one reason only, but the driver doesn’t seem to understand the reasoning. Listen to the podcast below to find out why!

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