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Phone Tap PODCAST: Too Hot to Graduate

Jubal calls a young lady who is excited to graduate from college in just a few days.. and unfortunately, Jubal has some bad news… While he doesn’t mind giving her a diploma… The university think it’s best, if she doesn’t show up to the actual graduation ceremony… and the REASON WHY… would probably get him fired (IF he worked at …

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Phone tap PODCAST: Old Frank and the Internet

Old Frank is back, and now that he’s been retried for a number of years… he spends a lot of his free time gardening… So he calls a nursery to inquire about some flowers. And JUST like Old Frank, it’s sometimes difficult to get him to the POINT… and then, things get extremely awkward and uncomfortable… in the phone tap …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Think Snacks, Eat Flax

Jubal calls a lady who has a very busy schedule… so she’s been taking advantage of ordering groceries online for the last three months… Lucky for her, the grocery store she uses is rolling out a brand new service to go with it, and Jubal is very excited to tell her all about it… Listen to the phone tap below!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Saying I Do Over and Over

Today, Jubal calls a professional wedding photographer to book a date for his upcoming nuptials… and He’s about to find out that Jubal is the unluckiest groom in the world… which is why Jubal has a SPECIAL REQUEST that Jubal guarantees he’s never hard from any other client before… here.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Food Mash Up Mania

Jubal received an email from a guy that wanted to prank one of his co-workers… Apparently, everyday, he orders lunch to the office, and everyday something goes wrong… either the delivery person is late.. or they screw up the order.. or they deliver it to the wrong building. At this point, he’s extremely frustrated, BUT it’s about to get worse… …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Barf Bistro

Jubal calls a manager at a local restaurant and tells hi that his establishment is about to be famous… Because a major TV network wants to feature his diner on one of their Brand New nationally syndicated TV shows… and he gets REALLY excited… that is.. until he finds out the NAME of the new program… then it’s all downhill …

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