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Phone Tap PODCAST: Racoon Love Shack

Jubal introduces a brand-new character in this phone tap… he’s a high-energy, high-powered realtor named “Bob Marathon”. One thing you should know about him right off the bat: he’ll sell anything and he won’t let anyone get in his way.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Inn a Pickle

Jubal calls a woman who needs some advice on her business. WELL, that is perfect for Jubal because he knows EXACTLY what it takes to turn that disgusting, rinky dink eatery into a gold mine.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Lets Rob the BK

Jubal calls a guy who recently complained about his fast food experience and sees if he’s interested in getting some compensation. BUT he’s not offering free meals or a voucher… he’s offering a chance to get RICH.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Ophie and Oxley

In today’s Phone tap, Jubal calls a woman to tell her some bad news…her daughter’s birthday venue…is NOW not available anymore. And even though she scheduled the venue in advance…Jubal has a very “logical” reason why the it she’s not booked anymore. Find out what it was in the podcast!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: White Walls for the Win

Jubal calls a woman who wants to remodel her living room. Jubal calls as an interior designer who just remodeled her living room the NEWEST, FRESHEST, most avant-garde design: nothing. White walls for the win!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: The Face of E.D

In this phone tap we are asked to prank a guy whose been joking a lot about their love life (or LACK THEREOF) as he gets older. Well Jubal calls from a Men’s Clinic and boy, he has some troubling news…

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