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Phone Tap PODCAST: Duff Chub Hands

He’s back… our resident meathead Duff! And Duff’s always down to do THREE things… Pump some serious iron, High five his bros and go HARD CORE after some random tail! So that’s what he does in today’s PHONE TAP!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Jiffy Poop

Jubal calls a random worker at an auto mechanics shop.. and he’s extremely unhappy. The reason WHY is because after they worked on my car, Jubal found a little “surprise” in the back seat… and they’re about to get an earful when he gets on the line… Because nobody messes with his car and gets away with it! In the …

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Bees in My Belfry

Jubal calls a guy who lives in a condo… and while he’s out at work, he tells him that there is something VERY wrong happening inside his building… in fact, it’s so bad he’s not allowing him back into his place for at least a whole month… And he’ll understand when he tells him why… in the Phone tap below!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: I Ruined Your Wedding Photos

Jubal calls a woman who paid thousands of dollars for her wedding photos. But, it’s been over a month and she still hasn’t received them… and she’s about to find out the reason why. Luckily Jubal ANTICIPATES her anger, and he has a plan to calm her down… Hear his plan, in the Phone Tap below!

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