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Phone Tap PODCAST: Taco Tuesday

Jubal calls a guy to give him and his entire office a Free Taco Tuesday. The bad news is… he has to pay for 100 Tacos himself. What’s going on? You’ll just have to hear for yourself in Jubal’s PHONE TAP Ayayayai!!!  

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Joe Nadds Career Day

Every school has Career Day, where kids can show off their parents and say what cool jobs they have. Well, Jubal is pretty sure there isn't a cooler parent in the world than Mr. Joe Nadds. Joe's a male stripper and he's ready to give the children all the life lessons they need to succeed in life... JUST. LIKE. HIM. Hear how the teacher reacts in the PHONE TAP.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Mr. Manscape

Jubal calls a guy to give him some GREAT NEWS…. He just won a huge nation-wide contest and has been selected as the grand prize winner… but for some reason, he’s not very excited about it…. Maybe it’s the prize has to do with him getting SHAVED on a certain sensitive part of his body… Just a guess… Listen to …

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