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Phone Tap PODCAST: Halloween Senior Care

Jubal is the new boss at a senior living facility and he believes that the current activities coordinator isn’t doing a great job planning fun events for their elderly residents. What could he possible have in mind?? Find out in today’s phone tap!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: No Idearrr

Caycie Ryback works for human resources and called the company’s TOP salesman and tells him that people love his hard-work but HATE another one of his qualities…. Do you want to know how the conversation went? Listen to today’s Phone Tap to find out!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Crazy Jenna Gets Out

Cazey Ryback called Ryan to let him know he needs to pick up Jenna, a girl whom he has been romantically involved with, from the local correction facility… problem is that he didn’t know she is crazy!!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Hid the Bodies

Karl “mistakenly” calls an unsuspecting #PhoneTap victim and lets her know that he his the body and she better have his money. I wonder why she threaten to call the police….?

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PODCAST: Darvin Does Security

Kelly’s previous security guard quit and Darvin is his new replacement. There can’t possibly be anything wrong with hiring someone who is afraid of everything as a security guard, right?

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