Brooke & Jubal in The Morning

PODCAST: Holiday Shopping Horror Stories


Holidays are a crazy time for shopping, people push and shove each other to get the presents their family, friends, or spouses want!!! Well what comes with the craziness of holiday shopping is HOLIDAY SHOPPING HORROR STORIES!! We hope you don’t experience any problems when shopping for your loved ones…but we ALSO hope you laugh and enjoy all the HORRIFYING …

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Hipster Nativity Scene?!?!


Do you love the holidays? The lights and decorations? Well one thing people see all the time during the holiday season is The Nativity Scene. And one person, Casey Wright thought the Nativity Scene needed a 21st Century Update…so…he sculpted out a “Hipster Nativity Scene!!” Everyone is update…from Joseph taking a selfie to the three wise men’s outrageously hipster outfits!!! …

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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (12/1/16)

Kim Kardashian asked for a BREAK before Kanye West was admitted to the hospital....find out why & what happens now he's home! OOOOOH that is a HUGE rock on Katy Perry's hand....did Orlando Bloom actually pop the question???? [PICS IN LINK] Plus, we have all the pics from last nights Victoria's Secret Fashion Show taping, including the moment The Weeknd & his ex Bella Hadid awkwardly shared the stage!!!!

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Phone Tap PODCAST: History Uncovered

Credit: BigStockPhoto

In today’s Phone Tap, Jubal poses as a New Supervisor over the local museum…the problem is attendance is a bit low. And as the NEW boss in charge he is ready to inject some new life and some FRESH ideas for the museum!! That’s why Jubal calls a tour guide about ONE major idea that will DEFINITELY bring a lot of people …

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