Brooke & Jubal in The Morning

Second Date Update PODCAST: Spread Em

Sometimes when you listen to a Second Date Update, you come away with a piece of DATING WISDOM, that you can take with you out into the world to make you a better person… Well, today’s phone call WON’T necessarily make you a “better person,” but it WILL change the way you look at one specific grocery store item FOREVER…

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Phone Tap PODCAST: Kyler Spends the Night

Everybody’s favorite Brace-Faced teen with a foul math is back… and his name is Kyler Corsington. And today, Kyler calls up a parent who’s son is having a birthday sleepover. But if Kyler’s REALLY going to show up, he needs to go over a few ground rules FIRST…

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Awkward Tuesday Phone Call PODCAST: Dream Guy Dilemma

There’s a fair amount of the population who have SETTLED, and have given up hope for their DREAM GUY or GIRL… So it’s tough to be with the one that got away… Well, one of our listeners actually has the chance to END UP with her dream guy… and the only thing standing in the way of their PERFECT life? …

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