Brooke & Jubal in The Morning

Phone Tap PODCAST: Sage and the Angry Trees

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Jubal calls a guy who's doing some landscaping for a very wealthy family… and so far, this guy has NEVER met the head of the household. But that's about to change today. Because Sage Willowbrook is calling… Sage is very wealthy, very creepy, and deeply concerned about the welfare his majestic trees. Let's see if they can FIX this… in the PHONE TAP! Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Kickball Kurt


There's ONE TERRIFYING PHRASE that no one ever wants to hear on their first date… it's the phrase "Hey, can I be honest with you?"…. That's what today's Second Dater, Kurt, heard from a girl during their date. And what she said NEXT, has made Kurt anxious for the last week and a half! Find out what happened in the PODCAST. Read More »