Brooke & Jubal in The Morning

Second Date Update PODCAST: Lift For a “Friend”

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If you've ever had a roommate… you understand that it can be hard to bring your date to your place. ESPECIALLY, if you're roommate is a member of your own family. That's the issue Carter is facing today and he's worried that his living situation is costing him a shot at a Second Date. We're going to try and help Carter out in today's Second Date Update! Read More »

PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday SOUND EFFECT & Amanda Hates Gossip

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We debuted a BRAND NEW SOUND EFFECT in the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call this morning… to make everything EXTRA uncomfortable. Amanda needed our help this morning to quash some bad rumors that started about her. SHE SAYS they just aren't true… and She's pissed and wants some answers. We'll do our best to help her out with an Awkward Tuesday Phone Call! Hear it in the PODCAST. Read More »