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PODCAST: Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – Prom “Single Daters”

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There's going to be a lot of high school seniors going to prom this weekend WITHOUT a date… and Young Jeffrey wants to be there to support them! How are those lonely, dateless, losers (no offense)… going to have a good time? Young Jeffrey has the answers for them! That's why instead of singing Beyonce's "Single Ladies", he sang "Single Daters"… Hear it in the PODCAST. Read More »

PODCAST: Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – “Delusional Girls”

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Young Jeffrey wanted to give a REALITY CHECK to all the ladies who think that actually have a SHOT to be the next Mrs. Russell Wilson (after he announced his divorce). So instead of singing Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls", he sang "Delusional Girls". And today was Young Jeffrey's biggest challenge yet... because his headphones cut out when the song started! So yes.. the beginning is pretty bad, but can he end it strong??? Listen in the PODCAST (if you dare). Read More »