Play “Win Brooke’s Bucks”


Play Win Brooke’s Bucks, June 30-July 3, for your chance to win $100 or tickets to Ed Sheeran!

Weekday mornings @ approx 8:50am listeners have a chance to play a trivia game with Brooke Fox on air. If the listener who plays the game matches the number of correct answers with Brooke, Brooke wins and the listener will receive a consolation prize valued between $20-$50. If the listener gives more correct answers than Brooke, they win $100 in cash. Must be a minimum of 15 years of age to enter and reside in Washington State within the MOViN 92.5 defined listening area. Parental permission may be required. You may only qualify to win once to play this game in a 30-day period. Contesting will end with the Brooke’s Bucks feature on December 31, 2014. General contest rules also apply. By entering you agree to be bound by all of these rules.