Join Jose & the Party Patrol at the Great Pie Fight benefitting Seattle Children's Hospital!

Great Pie Fight

Great Pie Fight LogoMay 4th | 12pm

It’s not a question of who wants to get smacked in the face with a pie but rather, WHO DOESN’T?!

Jose from Brooke & Jubal in the Morning is  inviting you to the Great Pie Fight of Seattle! Seattle Filmmaker Domenic Barbero and lots of other talented filmmakers will film the whole fight on RED cameras in slow motion, recorded for posterity.It’s going to be beautiful, messy, delicious and Seattle-based.

We are attempting to officially break the world record for largest pie fight!!! The last pie fight world record was 815 in Chandler, AZ. LET’S BEAT IT. Bring your friends, your Mom, your exes, your neighbors and bring pies to throw! We’re going for as many people as we can get!

This will be a charity event with donations going to benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital. You can come have a EPIC time while giving to a great cause!!  The Great Pie Fight is fun for the whole family, but if you come and are under 18 you should be accompanied by an adult. Preferably one who also likes pie. Register now and let the games begin!!!


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