Meet the DJs

Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning - Weekdays 6am - 10am
Brooke & Jeffrey in the Morning, featuring Brooke Fox, Young Jeffery and Jose Bolanos airs on weekday mornings during drivetime from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on MOViN 92.5.
Deanna - Weekdays 10AM - 2PM
Deanna Cruz grew up on the east coast and moved out west in 2015 after spending 8 years waking up listeners in Rhode Island. She's easy to spot in any crowd due to her infectious laugh and fashion sense. Deanna's loud, direct, to the point and credits that to growing up in a Portuguese family. A workout-aholic (if that's even a word), you'll often find her working out at your nearest CrossFit 'box' when she's not behind the mic. A health nut for sure, Deanna cheats a little on the weekends so don't be surprised if you run into her at your local Top Pot Doughnuts for a donut or three.
Kel - Weekdays 2PM - 7PM
This Seattle native has taken the industry of radio media by storm since his entrance in 2007. He can explain how being passive aggressive and drinking coffee can make you successful in the Emerald City. He believes the “12th Man” is a religious following and belief only one from the Seattle area would understand. Don’t ever ask him to watch pro basketball for obvious reasons (R.I.P. Sonics). He loves this wet rainy place and brings you all the energy you want to every afternoon!
Sophia - Weekdays 7PM - Midnight & Friday Night House Party
Sophia grew up exploring the Pacific Northwest and loves swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter. An avid Seahawks fan she looks forward to football season every year. When she's not driving all over the Puget Sound in her trusty Subaru "Leslie" (from Parks and Rec) she's probably with her cat, Cisco, or laying in her hammock by her plants. After 5 years of college radio, she's excited to launch her radio career with MOViN 92.5!
Natalie - Saturday Night Street Party and Overnights
Growing up in Seattle, Natalie lives for anything music! You can best find her out exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When she is not out and about she is actively performing at various open mics around town, digging through vinyl, and cuddling with her dog Lana. Listen in to get a taste for her fun-loving and hilarious on-air personality. After two years in college radio, she is very excited to start her career at Seattle’s #1 hit music station!
MOViN Mixers - In The Mix: On The Air & On The Streets!
In The Mix: On The Air & On The Streets!