Madonna Drops N-Word In Instagram Post


Madonna, always reinventing herself. Well, not sure the new image of racist looks good on her. She recently instagrammed a photo of her son Rocco Ritchie boxing with the caption, “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Momma said knock you out! #disnigga” After tons of negative reaction, obviously, she changed the caption but still didn’t seem to apologize. She wrote, ... Read More »

Jay Z Releases His Ridiculous Barney’s New York Collection


Amid controversy Jay Z decided to go forward with his exclusive collection with Barney’s New York. To his credit, 100% of all the proceeds go to The Shawn Carter Foundation to help lower income kids attend college. That, however, doesn’t explain the ridiculous items included in the collection. For the dad that has everything, A $560 vinyl tie! Or my ... Read More »

Justin Bieber’s Twitter Account Worth $20M!


Twitter closed on their first day of public trading this week making tons of people very, very rich. Well, for each and every one of you that make up their 230 million users, you all had a contribution and many are wondering just how much of a contribution. Well, Time, put together a little formula to help figure out just ... Read More »

Macklemore Pranks A Ticket Scalper


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Seattle dates sold out in no time flat. Unfortunately, like most shows, many people snatching up the tickets are simply scalping them for a profit.   Well, it seems the boys didn’t take to kindly to it and decided to prank phone call one ticket seller and post the video on YouTube.   Read More »

12th Man Sets Loudest Stadium Record!!!!


Marshawn scores his 2nd TD of the blowout and CenturyLink Field sets the record for loudest stadium in the world at 136 decibels. The original record was 131.78 DB’s which was broken with 1:15 left in the first quarter when Michael Bennett sacked Colin Kaepernick and brought the house down registering 131.9 DB’s. But the 12th man wasn’t done there ... Read More »

Justin Bieber As Robin!?!?!


Justin Bieber lit the internet on fire Friday as he Instagramed a photo of what appears to be him holding a Batman/Superman script along with #Robin? Per The Huffington Post Whether or not this is a hoax or the actual script is unclear. Fans should note, however, that hours before the Instagram post, Bieber tweeted that he was perhaps doing ... Read More »