Justin Bieber As Robin!?!?!


Justin Bieber lit the internet on fire Friday as he Instagramed a photo of what appears to be him holding a Batman/Superman script along with #Robin? Per The Huffington Post Whether or not this is a hoax or the actual script is unclear. Fans should note, however, that hours before the Instagram post, Bieber tweeted that he was perhaps doing …

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Eminem Trolls College Football Primetime [Video]


Eminem stopped by the studio during Saturday’s Michigan-Notre Dame matchup to promote his new video for ‘Berzerk’. What ensued was either a perfect trolling of Kerk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger or an epic moment in live TV awkwardness. It’s so nice to have Em back.

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Bruno Mars To Perform 2014 Super Bowl Halftime


(Image via The Guise Archives/Flickr Creative Commons) It’s official Bruno Mars will be performing at the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII. Per USA Today   It’s only the start of the season, but the National Football League is expected to share some big Super Bowl news on Sunday: Grammy winner Bruno Mars will sing at halftime, a person familiar with the …

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Macklemore’s Strange New How To Videos


Apparently just because Macklemore is HUGE right now he can convince you to do anything. At least that’s what Cracker Jack assumes as they’ve teamed up with both Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to bring you simple how-to videos that are somehow supposed to convince you to eat their new snack Cracker Jack’d. Did it work on you? Are you now …

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Vote For Katy Perry’s Next Single


Katy Perry’s new album Prism is primed to drop October 22nd, but before that her next single is going to be available September 17th and you can help decide which track will be the winner. Katy has released two snippets from her songs “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air.” You can listen below and vote on Twitter using the hashtags …

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Kris Jenner Fires Back At Obama For Kim and Kanye Comments [Video]

I would say don’t mess with someone that has a TV show because they will undoubtedly get the last word. The opponent in this instance, however, is President Barack Obama so maybe that doesn’t factor in here. In a recent interview for Amazon.com President Obama explained that he felt children looking up to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West …

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Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Roar’ Leaks! [Audio]

Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” from her upcoming album Prism was intended to be released August 12th. But the internet waits for no one and of course it was leaked. What do you think? Will you be singing along when her album is released October 22, 2013? Or when it’s leaked. Which I assume will be any day now. [image …

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Jay-Z Releases The First Video From His New Album! [Video]

Jay-Z performed his song “Picasso Baby” for six straight hours at a New York art gallery. That performance made it’s debut Friday night on HBO in the form of an 11-minute long performance art video. The video was directed by Mark Romanek and featured cameos from Marina Abramovic, Judd Apatow, and Michael K. Williams. Warning: Explicit (RollingStone.com)

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Glee Posts Short Memorial For Cory Monteith [Video]

Glee finally publicly addressed the passing of actor Cory Monteith in a short 12 second tribute that shows flashes of a happy Monteith followed by the words, “Cory Monteith, Forever in our hearts.” The video was posted to the official Glee Youtube page not long after Fox executive Kevin Reilly revealed the show would, “deal directly with the incidents involved …

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