Look! I cooked!


And it was actually good!! I made a Southern beef and collard green stew with grits and I’m so proud of myself.  Anyway, it called for a Serrano pepper and while the dish wasn’t too spicy…my lips and fingertips are on fiiiiiire.  Still. That can’t be good. Read More »

Traveling with a baby?


Well, here’s a brilliant idea for you!  Little gift bags for your fellow passengers! My mother bribed me with M&M’s my whole life. One M&M at a time to keep me quiet on a flight. An M&M to learn my colors. For diving to the bottom of the pool. This is why I have issues with food. Read More »



Santarchy was this past weekend and if you’ve never participated…you’re missing out. I mean, what’s not to love about getting dressed up as Santa, an elf, or any other holiday figure you can think of and going bar hopping! Read More »