Kim & Kanye Name Their Baby What??

We’ve been waiting to hear the name of Kanye West & Kim Kardashians new baby girl. Who’d have ever thought that they would really name it “North West”!? A directional name. I’ll give it to them, it’s pretty unique, but what do you think about it? — Maynard Via [PopCrush]:      “There have been tons of rumors floating around ... Read More »

Rihanna Going To "Love" Rehab?

Rihanna’s going to “Love” Rehab? Or She’s at least considering it after going so back and forth with Chris Brown. She just can’t seem to let him go! Do you think “Love Rehab” can actually help her and that it’s something that she needs at this point? Let me know — Maynard Via [PopCrush]:   “It’s well known that Rihanna ... Read More »

Katy Perry Still In Love With John Mayer

Katy Perry spoke with Vogue magazine about how she’s still “in love” with John Mayer. What did you think of their relationship? Was he better for her then Russell Brand? Would you like to see them get back together? Here’s what she told Vogue Magazine — Maynard via [PopCrush]:      Perry did say that her relationship with Mayer, which ... Read More »

[AUDIO] NEW Selena Gomez – Slow Down

Selena Gomez has her new album “Stars Dance” due on July 23rd and she leaked another song off the CD! What do you think? — Maynard via [PopCrush]:      “Selena Gomez is letting Selenators hear another new track from ‘Stars Dance.’ The song, ‘Slow Down,’ is actually an uptempo jam, and like ‘Come & Get It,’ embraces her grown ... Read More »