[VIDEO] Beyonce Reveals New Song!

Yesterday I gave you a quick Beyonce Tease video that promoted a release this morning at 6AM Pacific. Well now here it is! It was her new “Grown Woman” song, but only a 1 minute clip of it for this new Pepsi commercial! It goes through all the years of the different looking Beyonce’s from her Destiny’s Child days to ... Read More »

[VIDEO] Beyonce Teases NEW Single!

So #BeyHereNow is the only tease we get from Beyonce for her new single. But you do get to hear 6 seconds of a little clip from possibly the song? It sounds like maybe Timbaland produced it don’t you think? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning at 6 AM! — Maynard Read More »

Jessie J Shaves Her Head!?

First of all, happy 25th birthday to Jessie J! We all love her hit song “Domino” that we get requests for all the time on MOViN 92.5. We’re so used to seeing her with her unique looks, but even with all of them, she always had pretty long hair, or bangs, or any kind of hair cut with length. Well ... Read More »

Mariners Opening Day For FREE!

As a baseball and Seattle Mariners fan I think this is very cool! The Mariners in the off-season have upgraded their Video Screen to one of the largest HD Screens in the world! Now they’re going to let you come watch Felix Hernandez face the Oakland A’s In Oakland on April 1st at Safeco Field for FREE! Free admission and ... Read More »

A Deserted Island To Yourself?

So the Powerball Jackpot is up to $260 Million! It got me thinking of what I really would do with the money. With as much stress as I have had at work over my lifetime I’d hope to find a place where that never happens ever again. I’m thinking I might just buy this Island below and lay out and ... Read More »